So why a sim facility? Simply put, in today's uncertain economic times, a sim provides the most cost-effective training available. Flight training today keeps getting more and more expensive, and sim work allows you a very economical and effective way to keep those hard-earned skills sharp.

Additionally Sim Flite Minnesota now offers you an opportunity to learn glass. The glass cockpit is starting to replace the traditional "six pack" of flight instruments. It contains a world of information, and trying to learn glass while bouncing around in the cockpit of an airplane is an expensive and often fruitless endeavor. The sim is the ideal venue for learning the ins and outs of PFDs and MFDs.

A good sim offers far more than initial training for the instrument rating. In fact, the majority of Sim Flite Minnesota customers are rated instrument pilots. They come in for sim sessions on a regular basis not only for currency but also to expand their skills

What are some of the things a good sim can provide? Of course it can be used for up to 20 hours of the initial instrument training. But far beyond that, here are some of the things a good sim and instructor can offer you.

Doctors Without Borders RC Avionics Dr. Soll
  • Effective understanding of VOR and NDB navigation for the primary student
  • Trip preparation - approaches into any airport in continental U.S.
  • Instrument training, up to 20 hours towards the instrument rating
  • Instrument currency and partial IPC
  • How to handle emergencies
  • Learn glass with the new G1000 sim
  • Learn all normal and emergency multi-engine procedures
  • Multi-engine recurrent training
  • GPS training
  • Autopilot and flight director training
  • Interview prep
  • Part 135 training
  • Prep for Flight Safety

The two principle sim operators are Tom Schmelzer and Steve Thibault. Several instructors also use the sim since it is such a great teaching tool. Steve is a highly experienced instructor, with thousands of hours of flight time. In addition, Steve has extensive experience in teaching in sims.

We've tried to answer some of your questions in our FAQ section, but if it doesn't answer your questions, or you would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact us. And welcome to Sim Flite Minnesota.

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